Parallel Economy. Realized.

Welcome to Stardust.

'Forging a parallel economy spanning health, wellness, media, and connections, we lay the foundation for a robust and interconnected world, where strength and resilience define our progress.'

Foster Coulson

Founder & CEO

Explore Our Parallel Economy

Helping Health Brands Get Their Start

International Health Brands was formed with one goal in mind: support like-minded entrepreneurs seeking to start their own health, beauty, or wellness brands.

Women's Health: For Women by Women

Holistic Goddess is a female-centric company. For women of all ages and stages, celebrate your femininity and start your journey of holistic wellness. Let the Goddess in you rise and shine.

Own Your Health. Own Your Freedom.

Founded as a refuge for medical providers who were punished for speaking truth during the pandemic, The Wellness Company sits at the intersection of allopathic and naturopathic solutions. Visit TWC for doctor-designed supplements, emergency medical kits, or to speak with a doctor who shares your values.

Wake Up to the First Amendment

1775 Coffee Company, an exclusive partnership with the free-speech media platform Rumble, supports content creators who rise and grind everyday.

The Community You've Been Waiting For

Make friends, meet your next spouse, and rest assured that they share your values and prize their health. Unjected is the first-to-market unvaccinated friendship and dating community.

The Media Blackout is Over

Vigilant News Network provides breaking news and analysis of the stories that live behind Big Tech’s censorship wall. From Wake Up Patriots to The Gateway Pundit’s Behind the Headlines, no topic is off-limits for VNN’s daily broadcasts.

Legacy of a Hero

Dr. “Zev” Zelenko founded Z-Labs to bring his groundbreaking “Zelenko Protocol” to the masses. Credited with saving hundreds of thousands of lives, his spirit lives on with every bottle of Z-Stack sold.

Momentix Capital

Funding the Parallel Future

Momentix Capital is preparing to be a Canadian alternative investment vehicle. Focused on high risk high impact health and wellness investments.

Secrets of Our Ancestors

Directly from the pure bison herds of the Swampy Cree in Alberta, Canada, Naked Organs produces desiccated bison organs – the most nutrient-dense food on Earth. Experience nature’s original super-vitamins, cherished by Native Americans for millennia.